Feb 4, 2012

Erotic sculpture from Indonesia

Bali wood carving handicraft
The material used for this Bali Wood Carving section are mainly suar wood and some other local wood like " jempinis'.
Indonesian handicraft

Feb 2, 2012


morning coffee


photo by Losinsky

Cherries of the night are riper
Than the cherries pluckt at noon...
In the cherry pluckt at night,
With the dew of summer swelling,
There's a juice of pure delight,
Cool, dark, sweet, divinely smelling...
~Robert Graves

Feb 1, 2012


A girl blows a vuvuzela before a friendly game between Chile and New Zealand.
photo by Claudio Cruz

Modern paintings

“Modern paintings are like women: You'll never enjoy them, if you try to understand them.”
Freddie Mercury

photography by Brian M Viveros


" I know a man who gave up smoking, drinking, sex, and rich food. He was healthy right up to the day he killed himself. "
Johnny Carson

time for sinful dreams ;)

Sexual fetishism

Sexual fetishism

Sexual fetishism, Facesitting

Facesitting, also known as queening, is a sexual practice in which one partner sits on or over the other's face, typically to allow or force oral-genital. Facesitting is common among dominant and submissive individuals, for demonstrating superiority and for sexual gratification.


Jan 29, 2012

Recollection of Summer

Lada in Paglia by Erro

Jan 26, 2012

Jan 24, 2012


by Alexia Sinclair

Jan 22, 2012

time for sinful dreams

History of Mankind

chapter 1
chapter 2
chapter 3
chapter 4
chapter 5
by Milo Manara

History of Mankind by Milo Manara
chapter 6
chapter 7
chapter 8
chapter 9
chapter 10

Jan 20, 2012